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Saudi MET 2024

Why Sponsor?

Saudi Met is a specialized conference in the field of mechanical engineering technologies, aiming to bring professionals, stakeholders, and focused attendees to our event in Al Khobar.

Stand out in the field of mechanical Engineering

This opportunity grants your organization to stand out in the field of mechanical engineering, showcase your recent experience and potential growth. Through this opportunity you will be able to share your experience and shade the light on the MOST TRENDS that’s adopted by your organization.

Connect with professionals and potential clients

Networking is a key factor for attending conferences, it is essential for building professional relationship, expanding your connection, and gaining access to valuable names and resources. Saudi MET 24 provides opportunities to meet experts & professionals, share ideas and learn about the latest trends in the sector.

Capitalize your marketing strategies

Take the opportunity to present your organization’s services and products, visit other stakeholders, explore the latest opportunities and projects, and utilize these information to the best of your marketing strategies.

High profile attendees & decision makers

Saudi MET 24 attracts a high-profile audience, and many decision makers form the giants in the market. This would create an event for your organization to participate by standing out and attending a VIP “session” based on sponsorship package type.

Support the development of the sector

In line with Vision 2030, the conference aims to establish a solid and reliable event in the field of mechanical engineering and take part in the development process. The conference also invites educators and students to attend, be part of the activities and benefit from our partners.

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