Event Program

Saudi MET 2022


Authors are invited to submit their abstract to mechanical equipment technologies under one of the conferences below Topics:

  • Circular Economy
  • Decarbonization
  • Energy Transition
  • Hydrogen Fuel Systems
  • Nonmetallic Applications
  • IR 4.0 Solutions
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • 3D printing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Operational challenges and innovative solutions

Targeted participating and audience from the following sectors

  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Utilities
  • Academic
  • Research and Development
  • Abstract submission: October 25, 2022
  • Abstract acceptance November 15, 2022
  • Submission of presentation November 22, 2022
  • Presentation acceptance November 29, 2022
  • Final presentation December 4, 2022

Day 1, December 12, 2022

Khalid Al-Mansour, Conference Chair

Welcome and opening remarks

08:30 - 08:40

Abdullah Al-Humaid, CSD Manager, Saudi Aramco

Keynote speech, the role of engineers in industrial revolutions

08:40 - 09:00

Chip Eskridge, PE, CWI, Chairman ASME B31

Keynote presentation, ASME Standards and Additive Manufacturing

09:00 - 09:20

Dr. Samir Mekid, Director, Robotics, KFUPM

Keynote presentation, Robotics Expanding Role in New Frontiers

09:20 - 09:40

Dr. Jamal Nayfeh, Dean, Engineering, PMU

Keynote presentation, Demystifying Complex Modern “Mechanical” Engineering Systems

09:40 - 10:00

Panel Discussion 1:

Behind every challenge lies an opportunity, collaboration of leaders and experts to make the fit

10:00 - 10:45

First Technical Session

Track I: Majed Al-Mutawa, Valmet Co.

Experiences, Current Status, and Way Forward in 3D Printing of Pressure Retaining Components, Case Industrial Valves

Track II: Ali Al-Ousif Manifa Producing Department, Saudi Aramco

MPD In-house Developed Solutions Serving Plant Maintenance and Reliability

13:00 - 13:20

Track I: Rakan Banna Sea Water Injection Department, Saudi Aramco

3D Printing for Sand Filters Laterals at SWID

Track II: Peter Carydias, Woods PLC

Predictive maintenance – Towards the Remotely Operated, Autonomous Plant

13:20 - 13:40

Track I: Shaj Manjalivalapil, North Ghawar Producing Department, Saudi Aramco

Restoring Integrity of Surface Casing:  An Innovative Approach Using a Nonmetallic Composite Repair Solution

Track II: Sumith, L&T Valves Limited

IoT Ready Digital Solution for Valve Remote Monitoring System (LAMP)

13:40 - 14:00

Coffee Break


14:00 - 14:15

Second Technical Session

Track I: Sahlan Abdulwadood ARRAZI, SABIC

Online Inspection of Sea Water Heat Exchanger Tubes using Helium Leak Detection

Track II: Dr. Abdullah Al-Rashidi, Northern Border University

Laser Perforated Cathode Gas Diffusion Layers for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

14:25 - 14:45

Track I: Saad R. Al-Enazi, SIPCHEM

Steam Reformer Inspection and Condition Assessment

Track II: Abdullah Bahlas Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco

3D Printing at Saudi Aramco CSD

14:45 - 15:05

Track I: Amin Al-Fayez Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco

Risk Assessment Selection Methodology for Large-Scale LPG Storage Systems

Track II: Nayif Al-Theeb Operations Procurement Department, Saudi Aramco

Procuring Rotating Equipment Spare Parts through Reverse Engineering

15:05 - 15:25

Conference Gala Dinner-December 12, 2022 evening

Khalid Al-Mansour, Conference Chair

Welcome Speech

19:30 – 19:35

Dr. Khalid Al-Qahtani, Saudi Aramco, Chief Engineer

Conference Inauguration Speech

19:35 - 19:45

Mousa Al-Harbi, Chair ASME - ESAS

Recognition of ASME-ESAS
Conference sponsors & keynote speakers

19:45 - 20:00

VIP Exhibition Tour

20:00 - 20:30


20:30 - 21:30

Day 2, December 13, 2022

Dr. Husain Al-Muslim, Technical Chair

Day 2 opening speech

08:00 - 08:10

Abdulelah Habib, Director, Center for Complex Systems (CCS), KACST

Inspiring talk, Innovation and Creativity

08:10 - 08:30

Jim Meyer, PE, ASME Fellow

Keynote presentation, ASME Standards and Green Energy

08:30 - 08:50

Tony Pink, NOV

Keynote presentation, The huge potential of super-hot rock Geothermal in Saudi Arabia.

08:50 - 09:10

Panel Discussion 2:

Preparing mechanical engineers for the future: new frontiers and dynamic change in business drivers

9:10 - 9:40

Third Technical Session

Track I: Abdullah A. Al-Dossary, ARRAZI, SABIC

Reactor HTHA Second Level Assessment

Track II: Ayman Amer, R&D, Saudi Aramco

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Thermography to Detect Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)

10:45 - 11:05

Track I:Abdullah Alsultan, South Ghawar Producing Department, Saudi Aramco

Resolving Pipeline Maintenance Challenges Through Adapting Technologies

Track II: Bharat Bhushan, Jasingh Sea Water Injection Department, Saudi Aramco

Pipelines External Corrosion Management — Advance CP Inspection Technology GPS Synchronized CIPS

11:05 - 11:25

Track I: David Cockfield, Pipeline Innovations Limited

PATHFINDER – A new direction in pipeline proving and scraper performance management

Track II: Calum Urquhart, Atlas Copco

Smart Connected Bolting

11:25 - 11:45

Forth Technical Session

Track I: Sigfrid Ruz, Alba Gaskets

Benefits of Reverse Integrity Testing products with focus on improving asset integrity, reducing fugitive emissions, and reducing overall testing costs


Track II: Dr. Saad A. Aiban, Maeen Eng. Consult.

Innovative Online Leak Repair of Pipes, Tanks and Vessels Using Nonmetallic Composites

13:00 - 13:20

Track I: Papa Cisse, Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco

Impact of Ambient Air Temperature on Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) Thermal Sizing


Track II: Rabieh Ghossainy, Arkan Alfalah Co.

Online Robotic for Tank Inspection

13:20 - 13:40

Track I: Edward Currey, NOV Tuboscope

Maximize Assets with Coatings and Zap-Lok Mechanical Interference Connections


Track II: Omar Obaid, Nima Arabia

Liquid Nano Ceramic Hollow Microspheres (Non-Metallic System) and The Evolution of Thermal Insulation

13:40 - 14:00

Coffee Break

14:00 - 14:20

Fiveth Technical Session

Track I: Yahya Naji Marqabi, ARRAZI, SABIC

Online Repair Method for Reformer Hotspots


Track II: Faizan Ahmed, Tanajib Co.

IIoT & Cloud Computing Based Steam Trap & Valves Monitoring Solution (STMS) – IR 4.0 Initiative to reduce steam losses & CO2 Emission

14:15 - 14:35

Track I: Abdullah F. Arab, Inspection Department, Saudi Aramco

Underground Nonmetallic Pipelines Network Leak Detection


Track II: Abdullatif Balwi, Cortec Middle East

Tank Bottom Floor Integrity Assurance Using VpCI & Online Monitoring

14:35 - 14:55

Award and recognition

Mousa Al-Harbi, Chair ASME - ESAS

15:05 - 15:30